What Are the Fundamental Parts of an IB Biology Extended Essay

Writing a biology extended essay is one of the hardest assignments you can encounter in the natural sciences. Many students who are given this assignment turn to professional writing services to get that extra edge they need to achieve academic success. Still for those who want to work on the IB biology extended essay on their own, all it takes is some great guidance to get them going. So, this article focuses on just the fundamental parts of a well-thought paper in this field.

  • Follow a Basic Five-Paragraph Format
    The first fundamental part of this kind of extended paper is that it can mostly follow the basic five-paragraph format with which you are already familiar. Your introduction and conclusions will introduce and bring closure to the topic respectively. The middle paragraphs, or body, should be reserved for your three main discussion points, related ideas, and supporting evidence. Practice good writing by ensuring you write concisely and clearly. And always use transition sentences to move from one discussion point to the next.
  • Understand the Additional Sections
    As suggested above you can follow a basic five-paragraph format to make your main argument. However, there are additional sections that can help take your essay to the next level. Adding, an abstract, a TOC, and a works cited (or bibliography) section will earn you valuable points you may have lost in other parts of the exam. So, get when you practice for this make sure you include these so they’ll come to you naturally when the real exam begins.
  • Other Points Worth Consideration
    There are several points worth consideration before taking the examination that you should keep in mind: 1) Make sure you have followed the proper guidelines for your discipline/subject. If you bring your own research question to write about make sure it appropriately addresses all IB biology requirements; 2) Make sure you familiarize yourself with the examination’s scoring rubric so that you can focus on precise areas where your score matters the most; and 3) Make sure you follow the exact criteria for the introduction. Students don’t realize that reviewers put a heavy emphasis on how a student structure’s his or her introduction.

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