Brief manual on how to write a one page essay in one hour

Essay writing is not an easy task and most people tend to get bored in the middle of writing an essay and pospone it, saying "I don't want to write my essay!". Procrastination is not a good idea at all since instead of helping, you only end up piling your work .For starters this may be the exact case since they have no writing experience hence completing an essay becomes crucial. If you are that student who desires to complete the essay in only one hour, here are some few tips that you should consider trying.

  • Avoid distractions
    If you want to focus on what you are doing, you have to work with minimal distractions. Working in a place with distractions only tends to disorient you even more and you will find that you are lagging behind. Most of us have been through this situation whereby you are trying to read but you cannot simply because the phone is near you and you find yourself checking in almost all the time. If you really want to learn how to write a 1 page essay within the shortest time possible, ensure that your phone is off. Other forms of distraction include television, writing while eating or listening to music when crafting your essay.
  • Create an outline
    Most people think that writing an outline is actually a waste of time and a nuisance, you will however be surprised to realize that it is not and rather creating an outline will help you save ample time. Before writing your essay, ensure that you brainstorm and write whatever ideas that come to mind. By doing this, you will at least have a picture of what is expected of you and this will help you to have the self-confidence to finish your essay within that one hour.
  • Gather the sources and tools you need to accomplish your essay
    The mistake that most students make is failing to put the tools they need to complete their essay. Before writing you need to prepare yourself and arrange the items you need such as pens books erasers your computer and other reference materials. Going to fetch these tools from different places actually wastes your time.
  • Research
    The danger of not researching is that you may reach at some point and get stuck in the middle of your essay. If you want to complete your essay fast, you have no option but to read more books so that the ideas can flow.