Manual on Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay on Junk Food

You are probably already aware that the 5 paragraph essay format is one of the most commonly used in school. It’s a clear and concise way to express an idea (usually argumentative) that is supported with relevant evidence. Writing a 5 paragraph essay shouldn’t be too hard if you follow the right technique. Otherwise, you can buy essay online to avoid writing it by yourself. The following is a great manual on how to write a junk food essay using this common format.

  • Start with an Excellent Hook
    Your first goal should be to catch the reader’s immediate attention. The first sentence should hook the reader and compel him or her to keep reading. This is easily achieved by using several different techniques, the most common of which are starting with a famous quotation, an interesting question, or a personal anecdote.
  • Introduce the GMO Food Essay Topic
    The next three or four sentences should expand on your first sentence by providing the appropriate background or context the reader needs to know to understand the rest of the paper. Think about this as a way of bringing in the lens closer from a broad view to a focused one.
  • Express Your Argument in a Thesis
    The end of your introductory paragraph should have a thesis statement. A well-written thesis should convey a clear point of view and provide a specific assertion for your chosen topic. In simple terms “What are you arguing?” Your instructor will check for each of these elements so make sure you have them in in your opening paragraph.
  • Write the Paper Body Paragraphs
    Your body paragraphs are widely considered to make up the core of your paper. Each paragraph should discuss a different topic along with your thoughts and supporting evidence. You should link each body paragraph with one another using smooth transitions. This helps create a sense of cohesiveness.
  • Close Your Paper with a Conclusion
    And finally, your last paragraph should summarize all of your main discussion points and re-assert your thesis in different terms. It should also synthesize the information to show the reader exactly what you have accomplished within the body paragraphs.