Tips on Selecting Topics for Narrative Essays

Students get tasked with writing a narrative essay in their institutions by their instructors. These types of texts get used to weighing the level of knowledge the student has, their potential in the present, their mindset, and the set of skills they possess. For you to make a compelling essay, you must have a variety of vocabulary at your fingertips.

Select the narrative type

A research done at the University of Princeton discovered that when one listens to a fascinating and captivating story, they respond to the narrative as if they were present in the same narration. In case you want to achieve this milestone, you must carefully choose your topic. Have the understanding of the paper at your disposal to get the ball rolling.

  • Should you tell a story?

If you get tasked to narrate a story, you must tailor it to the past experiences you had, or an event in your life that impacted you in one way or another, or a failure or success that you have garnered. You get to tell a past story that influences your future, personality, or relations.

  • Is it a description?

An essay that describes or talks about an individual, item, experience, time, or place. The description must not only have its focus on the appearance of the people but also on the feelings of the writer towards them. It, therefore, feeds both the picture and the attitude of the set.

  • Is it an investigative piece?

When you get tasked to jot this type of essay, you must make a statement and enlighten the reader by showing that you have done proper research on the subject. The narrative should have answers to the questions of why and what.

  • Is it a persuasive text?

There is a thin line between a persuasive text and an investigative essay. When it comes to this, you should not answer questions. The main task here is to make a statement, give all the required data and information, and grab the attention of the audience to agree and accept the work you have provided unto them.

Choose from the list of topics provided

Several students will write based on their understanding of a matter or issue. When you have thought of something and go ahead and write it down, you may find it easy to illuminate the crucial aspects.

Topics for College Students

The four principal categories for students imagine it, childhood, morality, and experience.


  1. The biggest lie of my childhood
  2. My mentor when I was growing up
  3. The best party I attended
  4. Growing up in my city
  5. The biggest blunder I caused as a child
  6. A day at my dad’s workplace
  7. Family trip with the family


  1. The embarrassing moment I can never forget
  2. How I fell in love for the first time
  3. The worst disaster to ever strike in my life
  4. The worst mishaps with my family
  5. The first time I spent a night out away from home


  1. The way I treat new people in my life
  2. The best decision I ever made
  3. The worst lie I have ever told
  4. Why humans are all equal
  5. The most stupid act I ever committed at my tender age