Choosing Strong Topics for a College Essay about Nutrition Disease

Writing a top-notch essay on nutrition begins with topic selection. A great topic should be original, interesting, and informative. Sometimes it can be hard for students to develop their own ideas, so they seek to find some creative college essay topics from other sources. Lucky for you, we have worked diligently with experts to come up with these topics for your consideration:

  1. Which foods have been identified as having anti-cancer properties? And why are these food items and choices unavailable in elementary, middle, and high schools?
  2. Recent studies claim that sugar-high diets can increase the chances of early death because of heart disease? Why aren’t more schools applying health education programs teaching this?
  3. There are ample studies suggesting that certain foods affect women negatively during specific phases of their lifecycle. Why aren’t more people aware of these dangerous foods?
  4. Do certain infant formulas lead to a greater risk for childhood obesity? Are there other ethnic or cultural factors that lead to childhood obesity rates on the rise in the United States?
  5. How does binge-eating lead to medical conditions including type-2 diabetes, GERD, joint problems, heart disease, and even some sleep-related disorders?
  6. In what ways does a diet high in sugar lead to health risks including insulin resistance and diabetes? How do these increase the possibility of adult-onset cardiovascular disease?
  7. Why don’t more mid- to up-scale restaurants offer nutritional information on their menus? A major cause in adult obesity is that people do not know exactly what it is they are eating?
  8. How effective are childhood health programs in public schools? Is this largely a concern of the public school districts, local communities, or federal health agencies?
  9. Why despite seeing healthy choices in high schools, do students tend to select unhealthy foods from vending machines? Do you think these machines should be removed altogether?
  10. Do you think that local governments and/or parents should collaborate to prohibit unhealthy fast-food restaurants from opening up so near public schools? Will this approach work?
  11. Should fast-food restaurants offer more healthy alternatives to their menus? How has the posting of nutritional information worked to curb people from eating unhealthy items?
  12. Should healthcare insurance policyholders have to pay more if they have developed diseases caused by poor nutrition? How is it fair that others who made healthy choices must pay more?
  13. What is the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy as a way of preventing diseases in both pregnant women and in their unborn children? What about children who breastfeed?
  14. How important is healthy eating for children aged 5 – 12 years old in preventing diseases that regularly go unnoticed until later stages in life?
  15. Why are people against mandatory healthy preschool nutrition across all of the United States when most know it will likely lead to fewer cases of onset disease?

These are just a few nutrition essay topics for you to try out. If you are in need of more ideas or need some additional help in putting together a great college essay, consider using a professional custom essay writing service. They employ academic experts in all disciplines and are available to provide top-quality assistance 24/7.