Expert’s Advice on How to Compose a 1-Page Essay on Your Favourite Food

If your instructor asks you to write a 1 page essay on a topic of your choice you have found yourself in a great position to write on absolutely anything that interests you. A favorite topic by many is to write about their favorite food – and why wouldn’t it be, right? It’s something that can be so unique to each and every one of us yet instantly has the power to connect all of us. The following article teaches you how to write a 1 page essay on this subject.

  • Brainstorm and Outline Your Main Ideas
    Start your assignment by simply brainstorming and outlining your main ideas. You may be able to write about cherry pie for hours, but because of the assignment’s limitations you will need to choose no more than two or three things to discuss. Make sure these are really good points.
  • Start Drafting the Body Paragraphs
    Because you are limited by a single page you will probably need two or three very short paragraphs to serve as the body. Keep each paragraph concise. Get right to the point in each of your topic sentences, stating exactly what it is you like about your favorite food. Then provide a deeper explanation of these details and then close each paragraph with a transitional statement leading to the next paragraph.
  • Write the Introduction and Conclusion
    Now that you have a better idea of what your favorite food essay is specifically about, you can go write your introduction and conclusion. These paragraphs will each be only few sentences long and serve as sort of bookends to the body paragraphs. Just be sure to be efficient with the information you provide in the introduction and revisit in the conclusion.
  • Revise, Edit and Proofread Your Paper
    And finally, revise, edit and proofread your paper once you’ve spent some time away from it. The reason why you want to separate yourself from your work is so that you can do this last step with a critical eye. You can usually always find places in your writing that can be improved and corrected by taking this final step seriously, so do you due diligence to earn the highest grade possible. If you are a pro at proofreading your own papers, try to help others revise and edit their essays. Here is a place where editor wanted and you can be the one to get a great job!