Tips on Compare and Contrast Essay

The idea of this type of essay is to take two subjects and outline the similarities and differences between the two of them. The subjects must have something close to each other; it might be a comparison between two pets. That way, it will be easy to find a common front to carry out a clear compare and contrast analysis between the two.

We shall be detailing how you can effectively go about doing this. Are you afraid of writing a coherent essay on two topics? Nothing to worry about; you are effectively covered through this essay.  

  • Choose your subjects

The first hurdle is to choose your subject and they must be two different subjects that can be compared and contrasted. You cannot choose a comparison between an artist and a politician because they are miles apart from each other. You can choose to compare two great footballers like a compare and contrast between Messi and Ronaldo.

When you choose a topic that can be easily compared and contrasted; you are going to get the best results on offer. 

  • Carry out brainstorming 

When you have settled the issue of the topic, it is now time to put the similarities and differences between the two and brainstorm on each of them separately. Taking each in separate columns will give you the best results that will bring the beauty out of your essay. 

  • The main points observed

Make sure to go beyond the list provided by taking a look at the main similarities and differences and go on to add flesh to the points that you have observed. This will add spark to your essay in the long run.

  • Your structure

It is now time to decide on the structure that best suits you in your organization. You can decide to highlight the differences before moving on to the similarities and it can be vice versa. It is a matter of how you want to layout your work.

  • Your outline

The outline that you are going to use must be one that is in line with your structure. It all depends on the word length of your essay. However, a typical standard should consist of five paragraphs. They are the introduction; three body paragraphs and the conclusion.

  • Supporting Evidence

Whichever subject you are comparing; it is mandatory to make use of supporting evidence that will back up your point of view. It might be your own opinions and in some cases; it might be quotes of authorities that are involved in the subjects that you are comparing.

  • Make the best use of transitional words

These words are necessary, and it is a most in this type of essay. When you infuse them into your paper; it will add the desired flow into your work. 

  • Proofread your work

 Now that you are through with your work; it is important to correct all grammatical errors. Take time to proofread. You can use online software and ask people close to you to help proofread the work.

Final thoughts

Your compare and contrast essay will come out beautiful if you can take to the tips given above.