A Collection of Unique Topic Ideas for a Nutrition Essay

Writing an essay about nutrition is tough enough without having to come up with a list of unique topic ideas to write about. And in these cases, it’s not necessarily a good thing that your instructor gives you the freedom to do so. Lucky for you we’ve come up with a great collection of original topic ideas for you to consider for your nutrition essay assignment:

  1. Is child obesity an eating disorder? Should parents be held responsible for this as they would be for bullying or theft committed by their children? Should schools take a more active role?
  2. What are the best nutritional strategies for people who have had a history of drug or alcohol abuse? What are the potential dangers of introducing new diets to their bodies?
  3. People can have any of a number of food allergies without knowing it for several years. What can restaurants do to ensure they are not held liable for negative allergic reactions?
  4. How has the weight loss industry evolved over the last 50 years? How has this affected the way foods are marketed to their target audiences? How have organic products profited?
  5. Despite the increasing number of studies point towards alcohol in moderation as having some positive health effects, why aren’t people being educated well enough about its ill effects?
  6. Why is it more important for people to look at BMI instead of overall weight when making decisions about nutritional needs and adjustments? What are the dangers of using just weight?
  7. How can health scientists work to combat malnutrition in poor areas around the globe? Can we provide effective nutritional supplements or is this too costly a venture for most countries?
  8. With so many cases of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in children who live in low-socio economic areas, should the government take greater action to ensure accessibility?
  9. Do you believe teenagers and young adults should be encouraged to eat whenever they are hungry instead of the set times determined by schools? What would the response be?
  10. What are the negative and positive effects of drinking caffeine? What does the health industry have to say about too much or too little caffeine ingested in certain forms (e.g., coffee)?
  11. How do we know whether or not organic food is actually healthier? Have there been enough studies to make this claim or are is eating organic another industry led fad?
  12. What are the most important factors nutritionists should consider when they develop or modify health plans in school districts? Is it possible ethnicity and genetics play important roles?
  13. How does psychological hunger affect nutrition? There are some real disorders people have to deal with on a regular basis, but psychological hunger doesn’t fall under this. Why is this?
  14. Are the promises made by internet websites concerning nutritional weight-loss plans ethical or even accurate considering that different people have different nutritional needs?
  15. Are there enough antioxidants present in processed fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets? Are other important nutrients missing from these items that people should know about?

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