Be Careful With Your Topic in Argumentative Projects

Argumentative essays are some of the more challenging types of essays to write. You must be careful to select a topic that you can be completely objective about. You do not want to pick a topic that you feel so strongly about that your emotions overwhelm your reason-- because if emotions gain control over the paper, you will lose control over the paper. Try to avoid, for example, topics about abortion, if you feel strongly about this topic. Other topics that are good to avoid are religious or political topics that express strong opinions.

Types of Argumentative Essays

There are basically two types of argumentative essays your teacher might assign or that they might let you choose. Each type affects the organization and structure of your essay.

Type One: General Persuasive Essay

This essay follows the structure of a basic argumentative essay, and is somewhat softer in tone. It persuades rather than vehemently argues, one's position on a topic.

Type Two: Call To Action

This type of essays presents an argument about a topic that demands/persuades the reader to act in some specific way at the end of the essay-- for example, sign up with a Save the Whales organization -- or simply asks the reader to take some form of action.

**But all essays need to argue the other side's main point of objection to your argument and refute it before you close.

Great Argumentative Essay Topics

  • We Must Do Something to Save The Polar Bears
  • Why we should not use plastic bags at stores
  • Why everyone should recycle--now
  • Why every teen needs an HPV vaccine
  • Should teens be able to get protection without parental authorization?
  • Should the age to drink be lowered to the age to join the military?
  • We should lower salaries for pro basketball players
  • Why college players should not recieve perks like cars/dining cards, etc..
  • People should/should not be able to own exotic pets
  • Marijuana does have health benefits
  • Minors should/should not be tried for murder at any age
  • Aggressive breeds of dogs should be banned
  • We need to do more for child obesity--now.
  • Initiate a heavier fast food tax to slow/curb childhood obesity
  • Going vegan is healthier than eating meat
  • Why vegetarian-based diets really are not healthy