The Building Blocks Involved in Explanatory Essays

The idea behind an explanatory essay is to explain and make things clear to your audience. You have no business criticizing the topic; the idea is to explain the topic in your own words and from your point of view. It is important to know the building blocks involved in an explanatory easy. This is what you are about reading and with it; you are making a great impression with your explanatory essay. 

  1. Your topic

The nature of the topic will determine your success or otherwise with the topic. If you choose a topic that you do not understand, you will not be able to exploit the topic fully. The best starting point is to choose a topic that is well known to you. 

If a topic was imposed; make sure you ask all the relevant questions concerning the topic before writing the first word. You must ensure that you understand every word that makes up the topic. Ask your Instructor for clarifications where you are not sure of anything. 

  1. Remain within the focus

You are not expected to overdo things with this type of essay. Your job is to present evidence that will back up the topic. The approach to the description should not be a step-by-step guide but rather it should be in a discussion tone. This will prove to your Instructor that you know what you are doing.

  1. Information gathering

You must research information that will support your paper. Make sure the information is gotten through reliable websites that have credibility going for them. The social media platform is out of it. You must mention your sources in your paper; this tells you that you have to keep all your sources.

  1. Outline the essay

When you outline your paper, it will make the process simpler for you and will add color to your final work. You can choose any form of an outline that best appeals to you.

  1. The body of the paper

It is expected that you put your thoughts together following an acceptable format. This should be in about five paragraphs which will consist of the introduction; three body paragraphs and the conclusion. The paragraphs could be more depending on the length of your essay.

The introduction will include the thesis statement. Each of the body paragraphs will base on a topic supporting the thesis statement. You are to end with a summary of your thoughts in the conclusion.

  1. Conclusion

Emphasis should be laid on your conclusion. Just as it is important to start on a powerful note; it is equally important to conclude your essay with a powerful recap of the summary of what you have written earlier. You must do everything here to prove the relevance of your work. 

Final thoughts

Writing a powerful explanatory easy without following the guide will not give you the desired results. What you have above represents the core of what is needed to get the desired marks through your essay.